You are so special to me!

Comb your hair; it is blocking your view
Don’t stare at me, stop, don’t chew your nails,
Wipe off their drip that slides down your chin
Walk carefully; come and hold on to my strong hands

I wonder, what you think of at all sunny times
As you sew laboriously on a broken patch
When I let you color with crayons and paints
You varnish my heavy soul with your colorful smile.

Oh! One more fall! But don’t you ever mind,
Me, in a perfect world, fall at odd times
I know not how to walk straight, my dear
I, too wobble in my tangled, confused mind.

No! Don’t swing the pencil across the room
Write slowly, my love, you will rise and shine.
Don’t see my tear-drop, it is not for you
It is my melted weakness, for not having helped you.

Yes, I hear what you say, your speech
Crosses my broken mind, patching up doubts
A new web of confidence is spun around me
I understand your language of love, whenever you mime

Come; let us walk through this smooth, perfect lane
Where flowers sing new tunes on a bright, summer day
The deep blue sky peeps behind the grey clouds
I see your happiness that was too hard for me to find.

Bless you, my girl; lucky you are in your sphere of steel
You understand not, this black, crooked world
Where love, smile and pride, all have a price
Under a mask of pretensions, I have exchanged it for a dime.

@Pushpa Moorjani


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