New School Year to begin....

The sweating days are over, we had first shower of rain in Mumbai on 1st of June. The weather is now getting cooler and it is all set to welcome the new academic year 2007-2008. The school re-opens for teachers on 7th of June, who will, then prepare to welcome the children from their summer holidays, back to school on 12th of June.

The popularity of the school is spreading far and wide and there is too much rush of many students seeking admission into our school, but due to the limited benches in our school we have been able to admit only 6 new students this year bringing our total count to 107 students.

And that increases our responsibility too. We have appointed 3 new teachers to share our work load.

Some of the pre-vocational students have been promoted to vocational group and our capacity of 17 students has been increased to 25 students in the vocational group. So hopefully, we will have more children, learning the basic skills of vocational activities and will have more saleable items to show.

I feel pleased to inform you that we have renovated and converted one room into a shop, which will display all the articles made by the children, and children will learn the basic skills in retailing business that should include stock-taking, accounts and sales. The children will also be taught gardening and for this purpose, potted brackets have been installed all around the building.

There is some construction work still going on in the building. We plan to install a ramp at the entrance for the building for free mobility of the children in the wheel-chair.

A construction of a proper compound, renovation of ground-floor toilets and renovation of one more room on the ground floor will be focused during this year.

We would like to thank you for your continued support in helping us in our efforts to make this a better school.

Thank you so much!