Making a Difference

Life is a challenge for a disabled child and the challenges becomes still tougher if her parents are poor and uneducated or if her family lives away from city centres.

A special school may be available, but she wouldn't be able to attend it because she cannot use local transport such as buses and trains due to her disabilities.

Challenges of day-to-day living become even tougher when she grows up to adulthood. Unlike normal children, these children mentally tend to always remain children because of their slow mental development.

After the age of 18, when they finish school, they become home-bound and tend to forget all the skills learnt at school. Some of them develop behavioral problems, while some even turn out to become anti social elements and all this disturbs the home environment.

We try to provide an integrated solution to these ground realities faced by the disabled children and their families. Alongwith a special school, we also provide a vocational centre and bus transport