Appeal for Help

the cost of running this section is a recurring expenditure and the help from sponsors is regularly required. Expenses on various activities are not funded by the government for the children above18 years as the institute is not a registered vocational centre. Hence, they have to depend on the donors and well wisher for the running of the school. Running a school with these facilities requires a constant flow of funds. Being an NGO, they are totally dependent on donations received from various/any sources to carry on the activities. Numerous individuals/ organizations have generously helped them in the past so as to enable them to be able to help the special child.
“However, to improve our services and to be able to do more, we need help from you. The limit to what we can do is set by the resources available to us.” says Mrs. Shirish Pujari. “The fees of many a student needs to be sponsored, transportation needs to be arranged, physiotherapy and speech-therapy infrastructure needs to be upgraded, newer and better teaching/training aids are needed ... the list is endless.”