Workshop for Parents on Speech Therapy by Dr. Priya Gole

On 22nd July 2017, a workshop on Speech Therapy was organised by Dr. Priya Gole (Speech Therapist) at Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan. The workshop was specially arranged for parents of five classes. In total 16 parents attended the workshop.
Dr. Gole explained various topics through her presentation : Hearing milestones, causes of delayed development,the importance of early diagnosis and various approaches to usual treatment. She explained the difference between speech and language. She focussed on Functional Communication and stated that receptive language was more important than expressive language. 
She suggested the following to the parents 
-make and use communication chart using pictures for their child.
-speech therapy as early as possible as 0-12 years is the crucial period for speech development. 
this was followed by a question answer session.
Parents enjoyed the session and gave a positive feedback.The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by the Parents coordinator Mrs. Vidya Avasak.