Educational Themes During Birthday Celebrations

At Swami Brahmanand Prathisthan, special education is planned according to the ability of the child, so that there is no frustration at not being able to do things that they cannot perform.
There are various activities planned throughout the year, during which a child is taught many things through fun and games. The child learns informally and he retains it for a longer time.

One such activity is grouped with birthday celebrations, during which children learn about various things during play and entertainment focussing on a particular theme.
Birthdays are celebrated on the last Friday of every month for all the children and staff members who share that month.
Birthday cake and refreshments are arranged by the organization with the help of parents and sponsors who may contribute monetarily for the celebrations. It is no ordinary birthday celebration with just cake and party, there is something more that that.

What makes this birthday celebration special is that a certain theme is followed throughout the year, whereby every teacher plans an activity around that theme with her students. There are skits performed, handicraft and drawing items showcased by the children and there are songs and a dances around their theme. The child becomes aware of colors, flowers, music, etc by associating the things in his environment with the theme selected.
This is the fourth year of celebration around the theme, and this year is based on the idea behind the story of ‘UBUNTO’ which means, “I am because we are” There will be activities performed around this theme.
The story behind this theme is based on African legend that is related as:
“An anthologist proposed one game to the kids of African tribal children. He placed a basket of fruits near a tree and made them stand 100meters away. He proposed that whoever reached first would get all the fruits in the basket. When he said ready, steady and go, the children caught each others hands and ran together towards the tree, divided the fruits amongst themselves and enjoyed it. When anthologist asked them why they did so, they said “Ubunto” which simply means, “I am because we are”. They said that how could they enjoy if others are sad.
So this year, all birthday activities will be centered on a theme ‘Ubunto