Bouquet of Flowers_ the New Theme for 2012-2013

During the year 2012-2013, a new theme has been selected. This year the school is to focus on bouquet of flowers. One flower will be chosen and each class will focus on that flower and teach the child according to his ability. A child from a primary level might learn to recognize the flower by its fragrance and colour, size and shape, while the children from the higher class will focus on its physical characteristics, it's design and its use. Some will learn to make an handicraft items, some use the theme in their drawings and making of greeting cards. Every child will learn according to his mental ability and at the end of the month, when there is a group birthday party, children will be asked to bring that particular flower and the bouquet will be made for the birthday child.

Rainbow was the theme during the year 2011-2012.

Each month one color of the rainbow was chosen and children focused on that color according to their ability, some just learnt to use that color in their drawing and made handicraft stuff, some were made to observe the color in their environment and discuss it. At the end of the month when the group birthday party was held, celebrating their birthdays of those particular children born in that month, all children dressed up in same-to-same color and displayed all the stuff that they had made during that month.

Thus during that year children learnt about different colors in the rainbow plus some more colors like black, white, peach and pink…..thus teaching in an informal way, children enjoyed as well

In a special school, we have to be innovative, because text books don’t teach what personal experience teach us………