Parents Meeting on 2nd July

2nd July- Class Program Presentation by all the class teachers.
Present in the meeting were the Managing Trustee Mrs. Shirish Poojary, Principal Mrs. Sukanya Venkataraman and Parent representatives of each class. Mrs. Poojary began the meeting by informing the parents regarding the importance of parent involvement in the training program. She also threw light on the curriculum developed in the School which stresses on life skills. She stressed that parents give opportunity and exposure to their children. She also informed Parents that the Teachers also keep abreast of the latest developments and the Management arranges for workshops for the benefit of the teachers. The Teachers informed Parents regarding the class rules and regulations, Class Goals and the objectives set for the year. The activities planned by the teachers to achieve the objectives was also shared by them. Other professionals like the Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Sports Instructor, Computer Instructor also discussed their program with the Parents.
Mrs. Venkataraman summed up the meeting inviting feedback and suggestions from the parents.