Our Well Wisher Speaks.....

Mr.Niresh Daryanani, (from Tenerife, Spain,) is our well wisher, guide and a strong supporter of our school and we, at Swami Bramananand Pratisthan, are very grateful to him for all his assistance that he gives regularly. Recently, we were happy that he could find time (from his busy schedule) to visit our school during school hours and see the children at work and were glad to know that he was impressed by the progress at school. He complimented the school profusely and this is what he writes…….

“Hello friends

Hi ! Yesterday ( 18/11/09) I did pay a visit to SBP ( the school for the mentally challenged ) in New Bombay .

I hadn't visited the school in normal working hours , for more than 6 years .

I was taken aback by what I saw.

All Uniformed children, busy either studying or being taught vocational work, others being given voice, occupational and vocational therapy.

School was bustling with action. 2 young table tennis players having won silver and bronze medals in the special sports . 15 yr old weight lifters, silver in their category. Others having won medals for singing and dancing. Many busy with work preparing orders of curtains , spices to be delivered , patch work bags and wallets being sewn , vegetables to be cut and sold to restaurants and homes at a very nominal price . Clay and earthen vases beautifully sculptured and painted , key ring holders made of wood and resin so pretty would sell in any of our stores. (Some of the proceeds of this sale goes directly back to them ) . Honestly incredible!!

When we 1st were introduced to the school , some students couldn't even buy uniforms , they would travel in auto rickshaws ( 3 wheelers, with no doors ) and almost 8-9 if not more would travel in them to and from their homes. Now the school has 1 van for about 12 -15 students and a mid-sized bus of their own with a capacity of up to 43 children .

Not so long back they used to wonder how they could make it to the end of the month and be able to pay salaries and utilities. Today they have a reserve of about 6000 Euros in case of any eventuality.

The government also who had refused to help them at that early stage , has come forward with limited financial support .

All this my friends would not have been happening had it not been for the trust , the confidence , constant support and undying friendship that you have created with this small school in one corner of Bombay.

Believe me, I was stunned to see this bunch of such happy children, smiling in each class that I visited, at all diff levels, trying their best in their own way. I was very encouraged by the teaching staff, their patience and their steadfastness in getting the message across , no matter how long it took .

This is a fantastic combination. It is truly a marvelous school making a huge difference in more than 130 homes.

Remarkable and unbelievable is all that I can say !!!
Thank you all
Best wishes

..Thank you so much Niresh…your support is a great boon to these children...our children are very lucky to be surrounded by kind folks…..!!!!