Diwali Fun fair- November 2007

3rd November was marked on the calendar for the exhibition cum Diwali fun fair day.
Children had prepared variety of products during the period of four months from June onwards. Teachers and parents helped children to add their final touches to the products so that were ready for the D-day.

On the day before the D-day, everybody worked all day and stayed up late evening to set up stalls for displaying the products. Each teacher was given an area, which she had to decorate using her own innovative idea for creating a stall. With tables, chairs and decorative colored materials, sarees, bed covers, they created colorful stalls that displayed different articles.

There were diyas, laterns, candles, handicraft items, jewelry, grounded masalas (Like Jeera powder, dhania powder, turmeric powder, red chillie powder), greeting cards, plants and soil, paper and cloth bags, chocolates and dry fruits and many more things.

Early morning, at 8am, the school was resonating with the sounds of teachers, children and parents, everybody was busy helping with the preparation for the fun fair. Entrance of the school was decked up with Rangoli, and flowers.

The display and sale of the articles were to take place in a big hall on the first floor of the school, and, on the ground floor there were games and food stall that were organized by SBP parents association. There were different games organized for children like lighting many candles with one match stick, aiming the rings on a gift and many other different games. The food stalls was the interesting meeting place and it sold tongue-tingling food stuff like Pani-Puris, Masala Dosas, Kheplas, Dahi-wadas, Noodles, Kokum Sherbets, Popcorns, Wafers, etc.

The guest started arriving by 10 am and children were all excited as they helped in selling the products. While the grown up were busy shopping upstairs, some children enjoyed playing the games downstairs and others just enjoying the food at the stalls. There was feast all day long.

By 6 pm, the entire stalls of gifts and food stalls, all looked bare. There were continuous stream of visitors throughout the day and the sale at the stall was better than you would normally see at the malls. Diyas, candles, gift articles, food stuff, all were sold out. I heard one parent saying that she made eighty Dosas on that day and she was not too tired as yet. Such is the power of interest.

As Harold J. Seymour quotes “Every cause needs people more than money, for when the people are
with you and you are giving your cause their attention, interest, confidence, advocacy and service, financial support should just about take care of itself; whereas, without them in the right quality and quantity in the right places and the right states of mind and spirit, you might as well go and get lost

The feast came to an end at 7pm after a lucky draw, and wishing of diwali greeting and happy holidaying.

For more pictures of the event, you can view the album "Diwali Fun Fair' at facebook.
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