Children are making Rakhee and greeting cards during this Rakhee festival

This month, August, is the month when the season of festival starts and Rakhi is the festival that is just round the corner. Rakhi, a spiritual symbol, associated with the protection of a sister. Sister ties Rakhi, a secret thread around her brother’s wrist and brother in turn promises to protect her against all odd.

Children at special school are interested in learning everything. And they are always willing to do something. Well, actually some of them do. Those who are able to be taught special skills to suit their moods.

The children at our school are busy now-a days making Rakhi and greeting cards.

They are taught to make rakhee with beads and strings creating beautiful designs.

During the art class, the children are taught drawing and painting. Some of the children produced great work and we decided to print it. We now have printed cards made by children which we plan to market it in the corporate world.

We hope to sell these Rakhis and greeting cards during this festival and the profit will be shared with the deserving students.